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Claiming Space on Humanities Commons

Humanities Commons is celebrating its first birthday this week! This post was first published on I joined the Humanities Commons team as community manager at the end of May….

Front page of the Journal for Interactive Technology and Pedagogy, showing a link to the Issue 10 Introduction in the slider. An image of a planter surrounded by grass illustrates the link.

Special Issue of JITP on ePortfolios

I coedited the tenth issue of the Journal for Interactive Technology & Pedagogy with Amanda Licastro and Dominique Zino. It’s a special issue on “Challenging the Boundaries of…

Teaching the morning after the election

I’ve seen a number of people on my social media feeds sharing what they were doing in class today, or wondering what they would do in class. At…

A network graph of numerous distinct clusters of colorful nodes.

CLIR fellowship concludes

Next week I’ve got my last three days at Emory. Between now and then, I’ve got a lot of library books to return, a project site to (beta) launch, and…

A screen shot of the map of locations in Cassity's poetry. The map shows part of Africa and much of Asia, with many red pins dotting the map. One pin is highlighted, and the info box on the side of the map identifies "Krakatoa" and provides the context where the locations appears: "Chunnel. (Do not sneer; The French dug Suez). Shots heard round the world Need not be metaphor, as Krakatoa proved." The box also provides a link to poem where the location appears: .

Born-Digital Archival Materials, Poetry, and DH

One of the projects I’ve worked on at Emory is now live. The Turner Cassity Born-Digital Collection presents drafts of poetry from the born-digital materials in the Turner…

Black and white photograph of a dock with a tall ship with cargo being loaded or unloaded beside it, on the dock. Brick buildings flank the dock.

“A Black Man Replies”: Claude McKay’s Challenge to the British Left

My article on Jamaican poet Claude McKay’s critique of the racial politics of mainstream British socialism has just been published in the open access Lateral, journal of the Cultural Studies…

Pink poster announcing "Harlem Cultural Council presents Black Heritage Celebration in honor of The Schomburg Collection of Black Literature, History, and Art," dated 1972

Tracing Histories of African American Archives

This post is part of a series about my Portrait of a Collecting Strength project. The data for my Portrait of a Collecting Strength project comes from a…

A view of the map of locations in the full text of Jacob's Room, viewed from an angle that highlights the height of the warped peaks.

Mapping Woolf’s London with the Z-Axis Tool

I participated in a seminar on Modernist London and the Digital Map (organized by Stephen Ross, Katie Tanigawa, and Alex Christie, all from the University of Victoria) at the Modernist Studies…

An excerpt from an EAD file for a finding aid that lists item-level materials, with people, organizations, places , and titles tagged.

Documenting Data

This is a belated post, which I began composing almost two weeks ago. I’ve been having issues accessing my site, which contributed to my general tendency to draw…

Archival Practices at MLA

  I’m moderating the Archival Practices roundtable (#S709) this Sunday, 10 January, 8:30–9:45 a.m., 309, JW Marriott. The panel emerged from conversations with Christeene Alcosiba at the Rose Library,…

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