Making Accessible Futures

The Journal of Interactive Technology & Pedagogy

In April, I attended the Accessible Future workshop held at Emory. It was a fantastic introduction to how to increase accessibility on the web. My review of the workshop for JITP has just been published. It includes appendices on “Practices to Implement” and a bibliography of further readings and resources. Here’s the bibliography:

Spain, war, women

Spain, war, women: the most common words in my dissertation.* Here it is in a nutshell (via voyant):   (*after using the taporware English stop words list to exclude the ands, buts, ifs, etc.)

Launch of Issue 4 of the Journal for Interactive Technology & Pedagogy

I am Managing Editor of the open-access, peer-reviewed Journal for Interactive Technology & Pedagogy this year. Yesterday, Issue 4 (edited by Stephen Klein and Leila Walker) launched. I learned a lot in the process of getting this issue out and I’m looking forward to working with the Editorial Collective on the upcoming issues.   There are some great articles… Continue reading Launch of Issue 4 of the Journal for Interactive Technology & Pedagogy

Lost & Found Series III on SPD

Lost & Found Series III is now available through Small Press Distribution. Series III includes my Langston Hughes, Nancy Cunard & Louise Thompson: Poetry, Politics & Friendship in the Spanish Civil War, and: Edward Dorn: The Olson Memorial Lectures, ed. Lindsey M. FreerJoanne Kyger: Letters To & From, ed. Ammiel Alcalay & Joanne KygerJohn Wieners & Charles Olson:… Continue reading Lost & Found Series III on SPD