Launch of Issue 4 of the Journal for Interactive Technology & Pedagogy

I am Managing Editor of the open-access, peer-reviewed Journal for Interactive Technology & Pedagogy this year. Yesterday, Issue 4 (edited by Stephen Klein and Leila Walker) launched. I learned a lot in the process of getting this issue out and I’m looking forward to working with the Editorial Collective on the upcoming issues. 

Screenshot of JITP 4

 There are some great articles in this issue:

Leila Walker and Stephen Klein

Can You Digg It?: Using Web Applications in Teaching Research
Rochelle (Shelley) Rodrigo

BeardStair: A Student-Run Digital Humanities Project History, Fall 2011 to May 16, 2013
David T. Coad, Kelly Curtis, Jonathan Cook, and Katherine D. Harris

Online Discussion Boards as Identity Workspaces: Building Professional Identities in Online Writing Classes
Patricia Boyd

Teaching Twentieth-Century Art History with Gender and Data Visualizations
Nancy Ross

Digital Literary Pedagogy: An Experiment in Process-Oriented Publishing
Roger Whitson, Kimon Keramidas, and Amanda Licastro


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