Showing My Cards

The puking pidgeon #1, or, The fucking duck #1, or, The search for the holy houkah revealed #1

Yesterday Emory Libraries held It’s in the Cards, an art party to make art out of old MARBL card catalog cards. It brought me back to my days making and glamming with 3Text at the Graduate Center. I used 3 cards from the Danowski collection. The first, published in 1951, included poems by William Carlos Williams, Genevieve… Continue reading Showing My Cards

Mapping Poetic Networks

This gephi graph visualizes connections among a selection of 20th century African American collections in MARBL.

I presented on networks of African American antifascist poetry from the 1930s and 1940s at the Global Lives of Poems seminar at ACLA at the end of March. I wanted to start to map networks of circulation and collection, both the interpersonal and publishing circuits that poems travelled around the moment of writing, as well as their afterlife,… Continue reading Mapping Poetic Networks