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A network graph of numerous distinct clusters of colorful nodes.

CLIR fellowship concludes

Next week I’ve got my last three days at Emory. Between now and then, I’ve got a lot of library books to return, a project site to (beta) launch, and…

A screen shot of the map of locations in Cassity's poetry. The map shows part of Africa and much of Asia, with many red pins dotting the map. One pin is highlighted, and the info box on the side of the map identifies "Krakatoa" and provides the context where the locations appears: "Chunnel. (Do not sneer; The French dug Suez). Shots heard round the world Need not be metaphor, as Krakatoa proved." The box also provides a link to poem where the location appears: http://cassity.digitalscholarship.emory.edu/items/show/2940 .

Born-Digital Archival Materials, Poetry, and DH

One of the projects I’ve worked on at Emory is now live. The Turner Cassity Born-Digital Collection presents drafts of poetry from the born-digital materials in the Turner…

Pink poster announcing "Harlem Cultural Council presents Black Heritage Celebration in honor of The Schomburg Collection of Black Literature, History, and Art," dated 1972

Tracing Histories of African American Archives

This post is part of a series about my Portrait of a Collecting Strength project. The data for my Portrait of a Collecting Strength project comes from a…

Archival Practices at MLA

  I’m moderating the Archival Practices roundtable (#S709) this Sunday, 10 January, 8:30–9:45 a.m., 309, JW Marriott. The panel emerged from conversations with Christeene Alcosiba at the Rose Library,…

A Project Reboot

My project on African American literary and artistic archival collections had taken a backseat more than I would like–as more pressing deadlines, conference travel, and personal life got…

Word cloud of dissertation, prominent words include "Spain, women, Spanish, black, war, Hughes, scrapbook, McKay, university, press, modernism, poem, letter."

Networks of Art & Activism

As I apply for academic jobs, I’ve had to revisit my dissertation abstract. Apparently, an abstract should be of something already written–which my book project is not–so I’ve been…

Network graph with many jellyfish-like clusters.

From Encoded Archival Description to Network Graphs

I am presenting a “snapshot” on my Portrait of a Collecting Strength project at the Digital Library Federation Forum in Vancouver today. Here is my presentation.  A Portrait of a…

The network graphs documents connections among Louise Thompson, Langston Hughes, Nicolas Guillen, Thyra Edwards, Nancy Cunard, Sylvia Pankhurst, and Kay Boyle. It includes poems "A Communication to Nancy Cunard," "Soldiers in Ethiopia," "A Note from Spain," "Mother to Son," and "Mother and Son"

How To Do Things With Archives

I was hooded in the Graduate Center’s commencement ceremony on Wednesday, and this morning I learned my advisor died. I had some difficulty working with Jane the past few years….

This network graph (made with Gephi) visualizes connections among a selection of 20th century African American collections in MARBL.

Mapping Poetic Networks

I presented on networks of African American antifascist poetry from the 1930s and 1940s at the Global Lives of Poems seminar at ACLA at the end of March. I wanted to…

clippings & historic events

Yesterday I visited the Guardian News & Media Archive in London, which is located in the newspaper’s offices. I was there to read clippings from the Spanish Civil…

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