Writing Machines, Part 2

Editing in Markdown Pro.

Markdown I’ve begun using Markdown to draft much of my writing. Though it doesn’t make much noise, like my typewriter does, it does cut down on the visual and digital distractions normally involved with writing on a computer. Markdown lends a simplicity that is not only aesthetically and cognitively appealing while I am writing, but… Continue reading Writing Machines, Part 2

Bashing my head against the command line

A screenshot of my session in Terminal.

BASHing–get it?? (Too violent a pun? See also: hack.)  MARBL houses and owns the rights to the poet Turner Cassity’s papers, including born digital materials from one computer. Dorothy Waugh, my colleague on the Digital Archives team, processed the born digital materials and is now working to get them online and publicly available on an Omeka… Continue reading Bashing my head against the command line