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Teaching the morning after the election

I’ve seen a number of people on my social media feeds sharing what they were doing in class today, or wondering what they would do in class. At…

Google search for Iteration. "Iteration: the repetition of a process or utterance. repetition of a mathematical or computational procedure applied to the result of a previous application. a new version of a piece of computer hardware or software." "Latin iterare" "Latin iteratio" "English iterate" "iteration, late Middle English.

Iterating, reiterating

I am going to follow and blog along with the DML Commons course on Design Research over the next few weeks. Coming from the discipline of English, Design…

April 2nd Workshop on Open Journal Systems

Tonight I’m running a workshop on Open Journal Systems for students in the Interactive Technology & Pedagogy Core II course. Participants (or anyone interested) can find the google…


I glammed a notebook with the Text Textile Texture Studio last week.

“First fight. Then fiddle.”

We are things of dry hours and the involuntary plan, Grayed in, and gray. “Dream” makes a giddy sound, not strong Like “rent,” “feeding a wife,” “satisfying a…

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