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A Project Reboot

My project on African American literary and artistic archival collections had taken a backseat more than I would like–as more pressing deadlines, conference travel, and personal life got…

Word cloud of dissertation, prominent words include "Spain, women, Spanish, black, war, Hughes, scrapbook, McKay, university, press, modernism, poem, letter."

Networks of Art & Activism

As I apply for academic jobs, I’ve had to revisit my dissertation abstract. Apparently, an abstract should be of something already written–which my book project is not–so I’ve been…

Network graph with many jellyfish-like clusters.

From Encoded Archival Description to Network Graphs

I am presenting a “snapshot” on my Portrait of a Collecting Strength project at the Digital Library Federation Forum in Vancouver today. Here is my presentation.  A Portrait of a…

The photo features a white man in a suit facing a number of African American student protestors, holding signs with messages protesting the racism of the institution.

Ebony and Emory

*Title of post a nod to Craig Steven Wilder’s Ebony and Ivy: Race, Slavery, and the Troubled History of American’s Universities The Emory Campus History Tour launched last weekend. Matthew Strandmark,…

An assortment of fliers, postcards, scraps of papers, tickets laid out on a table.

Book Ephemera

This summer, I started to sell books that I decided I didn’t need to own. (It’s a nice way to get them out of the house with some assurance they’re…

Summer Reading

This summer I have been reading some books that are not directly related to my research projects (though there have been spurts of that kind of reading, too, particularly from…

An editor with two windows, one with markdown, and the other with the markdown rendered to display the formatting.

Writing Machines, Part 2

Markdown I’ve begun using Markdown to draft much of my writing. Though it doesn’t make much noise, like my typewriter does, it does cut down on the visual…

The Journal of Interactive Technology & Pedagogy's page with Anne Donlon's review of the Accessible Future workshop at Emory, titled "Making Accessible Futures."

Making Accessible Futures

In April, I attended the Accessible Future workshop held at Emory. It was a fantastic introduction to how to increase accessibility on the web. My review of the workshop…

The network graphs documents connections among Louise Thompson, Langston Hughes, Nicolas Guillen, Thyra Edwards, Nancy Cunard, Sylvia Pankhurst, and Kay Boyle. It includes poems "A Communication to Nancy Cunard," "Soldiers in Ethiopia," "A Note from Spain," "Mother to Son," and "Mother and Son"

How To Do Things With Archives

I was hooded in the Graduate Center’s commencement ceremony on Wednesday, and this morning I learned my advisor died. I had some difficulty working with Jane the past few years….

Card catalog decorated with shades of purple colored pencil, a cutout lion with a sewn yellow embroidery thread mane.

Showing My Cards

Yesterday Emory Libraries held It’s in the Cards, an art party to make art out of old MARBL card catalog cards. It brought me back to my days making and…

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